Big changes at Sync!

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First, we want to say thank you to each of you for being a part of Sync’s journey and  community over the last six years. Thank you also to the teachers who have held space for all of us to experience growth, healing, movement and stillness, within Sync’s walls. It takes a village, and you are all such a vital part of that village. Without you, we simply would not exist.

Our Vision for Sync
When Charles and I met 10 years ago, we discovered we shared a dream – a vision for a community of wellbeing. Over the last six years, that vision has come to life… with fits and starts, with successes and set backs, with laughter, love, and of course, more than a few tears. There is no doubt that the past 6 years have been crazy hard at times… there is also no doubt that it has all been crazy worth it!

Charles and I shared many common values:

At Sync, connection matters…connection to self…connection to others…connection to
community…connection to the amazing experiences that life presents to us, with its beauty and light, and its challenge and shadow. We believe in variety and diversity, the power of relationship and community, the healing that becomes available with supported self-discovery and self-awareness, and the human capacity for openness and honestly.

Sync’s Growth
Over the last six years, Sync’s journey has included a major move from our initial small space in Bishops Arts to a space double the size at Sylvan | Thirty, followed by an additional expansion of that space so that we could offer more classes and additional services. The expansion also allowed us to prepare ourselves for Sync’s future, which will include even more opportunities for workshops, trainings, community gatherings and events designed to enhance wellbeing at the individual, relational, and community levels.

Over these six years, Sync’s pricing structure/memberships/class package offerings have remained relatively stable. In order for us to continue to provide the variety of  experiences, classes and services we believe in – and that we’ve heard that you want, need and believe in as well – we believe some adjustments are needed. We took a long and hard look at our hopes, dreams, beliefs, along with our offerings at Sync, such as our memberships, class packages, and service offerings, and have designed an updated plan that goes into effect this week (officially this Saturday, 10/14/17, though
some options are already available and in use).

Sync’s updated pricing structure is in alignment with our belief that connection matters – it is geared toward memberships (we want to see you at Sync often!). Our hope is that it will also enhance Sync’s ability to grow and thrive. The basics of the new plans are outlined below. We hope that what we have created will help make Sync more accessible, more community oriented and a perfect place for your practice.

Monthly Memberships
For those of you who currently have a membership contract with Sync, it is quite possible that your monthly payment can/will actually decrease. With our new Sync Basic Monthly Unlimited plan, 12 month contract, your monthly cost could be just $99/month. This membership also includes discounts for workshops/events and retail purchases. We hope that this $99/month rate will allow even more folks to join us on a regular basis. We also have 6 month contracts and a month to month option (pricing adjusted for the shorter contract length).

We are excited to offer a new membership option as well, one that allows you to make a fuller commitment to your health and wellbeing. The new Sync Standard Monthly Unlimited plan offers unlimited classes, workshop/event and retail discounts PLUS a monthly one-on-one service (massage or private yoga session). The Sync Standard membership starts at just $153/month (12 month contract).

Drop-ins & Class Packs
For those of you currently visiting Sync on a drop-in or class pack basis, we want to support you in experiencing more of what Sync has to offer on a more regular basis! By offering unlimited classes and discounts on workshops and retail at such an affordable rate, we hope you will be able to shift to a monthly membership that will enable you to take better advantage of:

• 45+ weekly classes
• Events & workshops
• Massage
• Private yoga sessions
• Yoga accessories, books, and other items to further support your journey

We still offer the amazing 30 days for $30 introductory offer for new students, so please invite your friends to try Sync. The drop-in rate will be $20 (consistent with many studios in Dallas), and class packs (5, 10 and 20 classes) are still available, with a new pricing structure, if that is the plan that still works best for some.

Contact Us to Learn More
Whatever your needs and interests, we want to support you. We’ve created some resources to describe and define the updated offerings and pricing, as well as to give you some guidance as to what plan will work best for you. You are also more than welcome to contact me at or Amanda at with specific questions or for additional guidance.

With Love,
Jen & Charles

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